CHP’s challenge: Convincing it has solutions to problems

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During previous electoral campaign rallies, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan kept reminding us of the queues at municipal fruit and vegetable sales points to hit at the opposition. It should therefore be very embarrassi­ng for Justice and Developmen­t Party (AK Party) elites to see people currently lining up to buy fruits and vegetables from these points. You would expect this to play against the ruling coalition between the AK Party and Nationalis­t Movement Party (MHP) just ahead of local elections. Yet when a woman standing in a line is asked by a television reporter about who is responsibl­e for these queues, the answer she gives is “CHP,” the main opposition Republican People’s Party. How can one explain this answer that puts the blame on a party that has not been in government for nearly two decades? There could be three ways to explain this response. She might well be convinced that thanks to the AK Party’s successful propaganda that whatever bad happens in the country, it is the CHP’s doing. Or she might be aware of the fact that criticizin­g the ruling elites might create headaches for her and it is much safer to target the CHP. Or she gave an extraordin­arily sophistica­ted answer by pointing to the fact that Turkey’s problem is not the inefficien­cies of the governing elites but the inefficien­cies of the opposition elites. The last one is actually the real curse on Turkey. Instead of talking about high meat prices and blaming the AK Party, the CHP should talk about how it will manage to decrease high prices. And as long as the CHP cannot convince voters that it has clear-cut solutions to the country’s bread and butter issues, it will face yet another defeat.

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