An anthem for Internatio­nal Women’s Day

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They’ve said many things to me, underestim­ating what I could achieve. “What will you do working in a magazine at this age. What do you know about reporting?” “They must have hired you because you have a pretty face.” “Is your employer a friend of your father’s?” “You’ve brought these subjects to the meeting. But from whom did you get these, whose work did you copy?” “How can a woman publish a men’s magazine?” Comments like these haven’t stopped. “Her husband is probably writing the script of her TV show ‘G.A.G’.” “Shooting a sitcom is not a joke…” But the best one was: “Women don’t have a sense of humor.” “Who is she to write a column? She should continue with her acting.” “Shooting a TV show is easy but the silver screen is hard. She will hit the bottom so hard.” I’m sure no young male reporters, not a single male editor publishing a women’s magazine or a male humorist heard any of the statements above — not once in their entire lives. But I don’t care. The list can go on and on. But I have picked the funniest ones for you. Women much more brilliant and successful than me have been hearing far worse statements for centuries. Who knows how many ninnies told Marie Curie, a pioneer in the study of radiation, to go home and cook dinner instead of becoming a scientist. Some doctors, on television programs, claimed “women scientists are few in number because women’s and men’s brains are different.” But we are talking about a gender whose members have been getting equal education to men — even though there are still women unable to get education — just for a few centuries in the 7,000 year-long history of education. It has not even been a century since women won the right to vote. On top of all this, women also have another job: Motherhood, which they work for 24 hours a day at least for 10 years. It is men who should be worried about the future; women have become scientists, doctors, lawyers, artists, engineers and architects in such a short period of time, with such intensity, determinat­ion and speed.

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