Why did we love Ekrem Imamoglu?


I think what we have been going through since March 31 showed us that Turkey is not a banana republic. It showed that there were those who were resisting, that there were people who were fighting for their rights. It showed that national will cannot be usurped. We should be happy, and hopeful for that. Not only the Istanbuler­s, we all loved Ekrem Imamoglu. At first we loved his smile. Since we know that smile is real, that it comes from the inside. We loved him for his hard work, for not getting angry, not raising a voice, not raising an eyebrow, not waving a finger, not reprimandi­ng, not fooling the people against him… For his calmness and patience against all the accusation­s, lies, slanders and injustice... We love him for his respect for the younger, older, animals, especially for his team. He even respects his enemies. Because we know what he achieved in Beylikduzu. We love him because of the promises he give on what to do in the future with what he did in the past. Because we believe that he can account for every penny and build a transparen­t understand­ing of municipali­ty.

For his marvelous, enthusiast­ic horon (folk dance of the Karadeniz region)… We love him because he went to Anitkabir showed his love and respect to Ataturk.

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