Election-free here we go!

Dünya Executive - - COMMENTARY - Alaattin AKTAS Economist

With the local election behind us, the election-free period of four and a half years, to which we give importance and overvalue, has begun. No more obstacles, no excuses from now own. We will see which radical measures will be taken in order to correct the economic conditions that are affecting all segments of society.

If we assume the election for the Istanbul Metropolit­an Municipali­ty have been finalized, we have completed the local election process, except for a few re-elections in some small places. So we can safely say the March 31 election is over.

Okay, everyone agrees that, just like previous government­s, this one did not make the public swallow any bitter pills before the vote that would make them think twice at the polling stations. But that period is now behind us. Whatever the measures may have been on the government’s mind, it now has the comfort to adopt them in this upcoming four and a half years. As citizens, we will swallow the pills now and forget about them when it comes time for the next election. It’s good to forget. Please, give us that bitter pill as soon as possible, and let us stand up and heal again.

Every measure is not reform

Now someone can come out and say: “What do you expect to come out? The Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak announced the economic reform package on April 10.” Is every economic measure a reform? Let’s empty the word reform of all meaning. If you agree or not, the January 24 package in 1980 by the Suleyman Demirel government was a reform. Turkey chose the free market economy. Whatever was done in the 2001 crisis period is also a reform. Steps that would shake the economy and restruc

ture it were taken at those times.

But if we consider the measures announced in recent months, including employment mobilizati­on and tax advantages launched last year, not to mention the April 10 measures, as a reform, does this mean that we will not, or cannot, do much in the name of reform?

Let’s underline once again: The measures taken in the last five to six months are economic measures to overcome problems in the current period. These are not reforms. And if these four and a half years without is supposed to be a period of reform, there is no time to lose.

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