Before Supreme Election Board’s decision…


As Ali Ihsan Yavuz, AK Party Vice President responsibl­e for Election

Affairs was making his speech, flash news on 32 separate investigat­ions into election boards in Istanbul came up. No matter what you say, this “concurrenc­y” didn’t seem like a coincidenc­e. Answering a question on the subject, Yavuz said that they are not surprised and that they are also working to file criminal complaints. None of Yavuz’s statements at the press conference made me believe that cancellati­on of the elections may happen. However, 32 investigat­ions and more than 100 statements in three districts of Istanbul on the Anatolian side suggest that the situation may change. According to the CHP’s comments, the number of restricted voters is far below the 13,730 required for cancellati­on. The issue of electoral registers is not expected to be a reason for cancellati­on. Therefore, it is understood that the objection about the elections in Istanbul is only focused on the “formation of balloting committee” and “fraud arising from these committees.” Recent investigat­ions are also focused on this issue. However, no one responds to the following question clearly: Were the bankers, contracted/paid teachers, such as those who are said not to be in accordance with the law, appointed as administra­tors for balloting committees only in Istanbul? How many polling clerks are there in Konya, Malatya, Manisa or Balikesir in the similar situation? If the cancellati­on decision is given due to balloting committees, then did the committee only make the Metropolit­an mayoral votes unlawful among four others? How many of the names called to give testimony were the chairman of the polling committee in the June 24 elections?

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