Dogan Holding to continue to invest in innovative areas

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Dogan Holding held Investor Relations Meeting for Turkey’s leading investors last week. Speaking at the meeting, Dogan Holding CEO Caglar Gogus said that following the sales in media and retail, the group has gained a more agile and focused structure. Gogus pointed out that Dogan Holding, known as the media

group, operates in the energy, fuel, retail, finance, internet-entertainm­ent, automotive, tourism, trade and real estate sectors. “We will continue to make new investment­s in traditiona­l and innovative business areas” said Gogus, comparing Dogan Holding with a private equity fund that invests in strategic areas.

Gogus said that the Holding’s consolidat­ed revenues increased by 57 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached more than TRY 12 billion. “Our Holding has achieved a profit of TRY 3.56 billion with the effect of sales profit and foreign exchange income resulting from the sale of subsidiari­es in 2018 in light of our focused and efficiency strategy, while our parent company’s net profit for the period is TRY 3.63 billion. Aytemiz increased the number of dealers contribute­d to the increase in revenues,” he said. “Total renewable energy investment­s in 2016 reached 201.8 megawatts. Our music brand, NetD, was the world’s 4th most monitored channel. We will continue to invest in traditiona­l and innovative businesses.”

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