Fair elections will be held in Istanbul on June 23


The Supreme Election Council (YSK) declared, after a long period of investigat­ion and meetings, to redo the elections for the Istanbul Metropolit­an Mayor’s Office. It gave the final decision as a committee where representa­tives from all parties were present. After the decision of the YSK to redo the elections, 10,560,963 voters in Istanbul will cast their ballots again in 31,124 ballot boxes on June 23. Thus, isn’t it strange to have statements from the U.S. and EU that disregard “election fraud” and criticize the do-over elections? That the CHP is a socialist internatio­nal member party is one reason, so starting with European social democrat executives and politician­s, all of whom have problems with President Recep

Tayyip Erdogan, they oppose the renewal of elections in Istanbul. This is very interestin­g. Those who accuse Erdogan of being a dictator are becoming laughingst­ocks. Turkey is a democracy, and government­s come and go with elections. Those who are governing can also become victims of “election fraud.” The candidate desired by the U.S. and the EU can only be elected through fraud. Let’s point out that 53 percent of voters in Turkey supported the AK Party and Erdogan in the last elections. Other than Istanbul, only in Ankara did the CHP take the mayor’s office from the AK Party. In İzmir, the CHP has always won. In Antalya, every election shifts from the AK Party to the CHP or vice versa. Cities like Adana and Mersin have Nationalis­t Movement Party (MHP) mayors, and they lost in this election. In short, it is important to analyze the election results properly. Now the citizens of Istanbul are going to elect their mayor with an election that is in accordance with the law, and that is fair. Either the AK Party candidate or the CHP candidate is going to be elected. And since it is going to be a fair election everyone’s conscience is going to be clear. Where is the problem? Leave Turkey alone. The citizens of Istanbul are keenly aware of everything. In democracie­s, the winners are not those who “shout the most,” but those that receive the most votes.

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