So we will have 4.5 years election-free?

Dünya Executive - - COMMENTARY - Alaattin AKTAS Economist

Someone once said: After the March 31 election, there would be fourand-a-half years without elections and we would have enough time to make reforms. Unfortunat­ely, we could not leave elections behind us, and we will not only lose two months because of the re-do on June 23. The balances upset during the March 31 elections could get even worse.

It was supposed to be a happy four-and-a-half years after so many years of ballot boxes, making the voters happy, and not taking the actual necessary actions and steps. We should not let this opportunit­y pass by us, we were told. For-fourand-a-half years! All the steps re

quired for the economy would be taken without any worries about polls, and the economy would be saved. But there was one condition: The basic requiremen­t of start

ing the four-and-a-half years after March 31 was the end of the election process on March 31.

It wasn’t finished; it could not be finished, not unless the end came with the desired results. Hence, the fabled four-and-a-half years election-free has remained a fantasy. Some may think that the delay is only for up to two months. “There is no difference between four years and four-and-a-half years,” they might say. But the balances were already upset in the March 31 elections. It may get even worse depending on the results of the June 23 elections. In that case, no one should be surprised if the election-free period falls below four years.

Let’s assume we do get four years. Then the 2023 elections become so critical that preparatio­ns for them could already start from today. Therefore, let us not console ourselves with the mirage that we have so many years without elections and we have time to focus on structural reforms. Even if we had a long period of time, it seems like it is not even possible for us to make structural reforms. We cobble together a couple of simple economic measures and call that a package. No, it’s not that simple! We can see that it is not so simple in the results those “packages” produce.

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