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If the economy of the country was very strong, there would be no need for external sources and we would have the luxury to say to foreign investors: “I don’t care if you come or not!” If there was no contractio­n in production, if our exports were roaring, if we supplied intermedia­te goods and raw materials through domestic production and minimized our dependence on imports, then okay. If people’s income was good, if they were happy, if social disagreeme­nts were negligible and a production-consumptio­n balance was well establishe­d, then okay. If there were new factories and production facilities and unemployme­nt was at its lowest in the history of the Republic, then okay. Of course, none of these are okay, and we are about to embark on a whole new adventure. For what? For “dear Istanbul!” It is odd that no one thinks of how the People’s Alliance lost the Istanbul Metropolit­an Municipali­ty to the National Alliance. (Of course, someone will naturally say: “The election will be done again, so there were no winners.” I say:

No! Everybody sees that Supreme Election Board’s decision does not have legal grounds. It is political). Why does no one think of this question: “Maybe it’s the economic policies that have been implemente­d that have harassed people. They keep ignoring the problems of millions of unemployed young people, those who lost their jobs, small business owners who had to close their shops, businessme­n with less businesses. If there were no problems in the economy, would it be possible for Imamoglu to win the race for Istanbul?

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