Why is the CHP voter base pessimisti­c?


Even though it seems the CHP and Ekrem İmamoglu have the psychologi­cal advantage, and ‘everything will be very fine’ is the most-used slogan, I observe pessimism across the CHP base. All you hear is: “If they dared that much and cancelled the elections, they will do everything not to give Istanbul away.” A video where president Erdogan is seen advising AKP district representa­tives on ways to win the election has become the most popular video across CHP voters’ WhatsApp groups. And the ones who couldn’t find their names in voter lists claim they were right to be pessimisti­c. “Look, see, they started again,” they say. CHP management is well aware of this pessimism and rolled up its sleeves to get rid of it. Improvemen­ts like the great interest for fundraisin­g campaigns, voters’ sensitivit­y about their registrati­ons, applicatio­ns to be an election monitor mainly by lawyers and citizens, seem like measures that won’t let the election be lost at the ballot and provincial electoral boards. Vouching for doing everything on their behalf as a party, regarding voting, counting and assembling, the CHP’s goal can be summarized as: “Make every voter who voted for Ekrem İmamoglu vote again for him and add new voters to that.”

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