Dünya Executive - - OVERVIEW -

►The 12-month total budget deficit increased by 97.31 percent as of April 2019 to TRY 104 billion.

►The four-month budget deficit is TRY 54.48 billion.

►The 12-month total primary budget balance gave a TRY 7.38 billion surplus in April last year. This year, there is a TRY 19.9 billion deficit. According to the 2019 budget target, the primary budget balance should be a TRY 36.7 billion surplus.

►The 12-month total interest expense increased by 44.93 percent, exceeding TRY 87 billion.

►The 20.63 percent increase in budget revenues matches inflation but falls short of the 26.26 percent increase in costs.

►Thanks to the fact that the profit of the Central Bank transferre­d to the Treasury was much more than last year, the treasury portfolio and participat­ion revenues increased by 190 percent from TRY 14.1 billion to TRY 40.9 billion. One-fifth of the total increase in budget revenues comes from here. However, VAT and SCT revenues from domestic economic activities decreased by 6.2 percent

►•ne of the major factors that disrupts the balance of public finance is the burden of financing the 59 percent increase in the social security deficit in the budget.

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