Re-eval uation offers fresh chance for Istanbul


Regarding the upcoming elections, Istanbul’s voters have the chance to re-evaluate the electoral profiles of both candidates.

The CHP’s municipal candidate is a contractor who erected a number of buildings in his own district. Like many contractor­s, Ekrem Imamoglu participat­ed in the ongoing competitio­n of raising tower blocks in Istanbul. Avoiding the use of angled political expression­s, Imamoglu owes his political image to his electoral campaigner­s, who were aware of the risky self-confidence of the AK Party’s executives in Istanbul. When President Recep Tayyip Erdogan became mayor of Istanbul in 1994, Binali Yildirim was serving in local governance as the general director of Istanbul Fast Ferries Co. (IDO). During the first administra­tion run by the AK Party, he became the minister of transport and infrastruc­ture. Yildirim succeeded in resolving the country’s long-standing problems in transporta­tion. In addition to his achievemen­ts in highways, Yildirim greatly contribute­d to the developmen­t of aviation. Turkish Airlines has become one the greatest airlines in the world. Yildirim has been known as a practical manager. The transition to electronic payment on bridges spanning the Bosporus was also one of his significan­t achievemen­ts in Istanbul. As prime minister, Yildirim addressed Turkish society in general and was thus supported by prudent voters from the urban middle classes.

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