Mr. Yildirim’s victory and Mr. Erdogan


In the March 31 elections, there were pictures of President Erdogan. The message was as if Imamoglu and Erdogan were racing against each other, and Erdogan did mince words or actions suggesting that he would make Istanbul part of his own sovereignt­y if the AK Party won the election. From this point of view, it should not be wrong to say that Ekrem Imamoglu defeated Mr. Erdogan on March 31, not Mr. Yildirim. But this time Tayyip Bey withdrew from the field. Since the 2002 elections, when he was banned from entering the election race, this is the first election that the AK Party participat­ed without Mr. Erdogan. This is the AK Party’s first election without Mr. Erdogan, who has led the party to victory in all elections. Mr. Yildirim, while being the sole candidate of the AK Party camp, is careful not only to avoid Mr. Erdogan’s image but also his style. The AK Party is entering the elections for the first time in a long time, in terms of image and style, without the stamp of Mr. Erdogan, who ran the party from victory to victory. In this case, can Mr. Erdogan welcome and saturate a possible victory of Mr. Yildirim against Ekrem Imamoglu who defeated him (Erdogan) in the ballot box on

March 31?

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