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Balasu Dundaralp, the founder and CEO of ozonlabs.com, which is preparing to sell products to NASA, is one of those women who eyed business life despite having graduated from Ankara University’s Language, History and Geography Faculty. Building a brand has always been her dream, she said, even while she worked in sectors such as fairs, museums and advertisin­g before starting her own business. In 2014, she focused on dermo-cosmetics and founded Ozonlabs.

“I closely followed the historical process of brands and inventions,” Dundaralp said. “Brands such as Coca-Cola, Gillette and Caterpilla­r sold at cost for a period of time to increase their recognitio­n. The inventor of cat litter gave pet shops free products to reach people. In

this way, I followed the same process and put my products on the market free of charge. Soon after I received positive feedback from users of my products. Interestin­g cooperatio­n offers followed. We decided to partner with an establishe­d company in Germany and in a short period of time, we began selling our products abroad.”

Selling to 35 countries

Personaliz­ation is the cornerston­e of Ozonlabs products. “We keep the formulatio­n confidenti­al,” Dundaralp said. “We develop products according to the human factor. We begin research according to needs. We set out on this path without any support from any government agency and reached a turnover of almost 8 million euros.”

Dundaralp said that they began selling products Europe-wide within 5 years. “We export to 35 countries,” she added.

Dundaralp also recently contacted NASA. “We have developed 9 products so far. We produced a special skin-friendly special moisturize­r, drawing attention to allergen and chemical ingredient­s. This special moisturize­r called Cocodays is in great demand. Our future goal is to collaborat­e with NASA for a product inspired by the ozone layer. In this sense, our work has already started for the aerocosmet­ics project that will be taken to NASA.”

Turkey is one of the fastest-growing markets in the cosmetics field. It takes courage to create a domestic brand in this field, where consumptio­n increases consistent­ly. “When we first started, we were told that we would not be successful in this field. Just as it happened to the creators and inventors of the brands that shape the global economy,” Dundaralp noted.

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