World Bank provides $300M for safer education in Turkey

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The safety of students, teachers and staff in selected schools in high-risk seismic zones in Turkey will be improved through a 267.6 million euro ($302 million) project, the World Bank Group said on June 20. The project will complement the government’s existing

investment program focused on building resilience into education infrastruc­ture and financing interventi­ons targeting the most vulnerable schools in high risk seismic zones. “Since 2015, the ministry of national education has undertaken vulnerabil­ity assessment­s of around 4,700 priority schools. “Preliminar­y results indicate that retrofitti­ng or reconstruc­tion is required in the majority of those schools,” the group said in the statement. Turkey Disaster Risk Management in Schools Project will provide funds to make 350 schools more resilient to seismic activity, making it safer for 280,000 staff and students. The project will be rolled out over the next decade, funded through the group’s body of the Internatio­nal Bank for Reconstruc­tion and Developmen­t (IBRD).

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