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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey suffered the biggest defeat of his political career on Sunday as his candidate for Istanbul mayor conceded defeat in a repeat election. The result wrests control over Turkey’s largest city from Mr. Erdogan and ends his party’s 25-year dominance there. Opponents say such a loss cracks the president’s aura of invincibil­ity, showing that his grip on power after 16 years is weakening. The defeat also pits Mr. Erdogan in a diminished position at a time of tense relations with the United States and other countries as he heads to the Group of 20 summit meeting this week, where he is planning to have talks on the sidelines with President Trump to address various disagreeme­nts.Mr. Imamoglu, 49, was backed by an alliance of opposition parties, united by their rejection of Mr. Erdogan’s increasing­ly authoritar­ian grip on Turkey. Besides the blow to Mr. Erdogan’s image and prestige, the loss of Istanbul has practical political consequenc­es for him, analysts said. The city is Mr. Erdogan’s home and political base, where he began his political career as mayor.

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