‘AKP’ can’t do it


The AK Party can neither make reforms to overcome the economic crisis as soon as possible, nor can it achieve restructur­ing. Those who say that such a period has been experience­d in the first years of AK Party rule are mistaken. That period was the preparator­y phase for the AK Party, which was hand in hand with Fethullah Gulen’s team for bringing the institutio­ns and balances in line with the changes in favor of the one-man regime. Otherwise, the AK Party has never had concerns such as full democracy and independen­t fair justice. This preparator­y period, in which everyone was after their own separate interest, has produced these days. All economists say that structural reforms should be made in order to avoid the looting economy. They state that it is essential to create a democratic environmen­t that will build trust among the citizens. However, the AKP, as we have already mentioned, can neither create that democratic environmen­t, nor carry out reforms that will lead to a production-based economy.

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