What we can’t do in four years!

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If we had completed the election on March 31, we would have had four and a half years without an election, and now we have a little over four years. The loss is not that much in terms of time. Obviously, a three-month cut wouldn’t mean much. But it’s not the three months that matters, it is the outlook which has changed.

The ruling party, which would enter the 2023 presidenti­al election robustly, is now a heavily defeated ruling party because of the June 23 elections. The AK Party lost the possibilit­y of forming a government alone for the first time in the June 7 elections, despite getting the highest votes. Then the November election came up and it again became the ruler alone. Although we do not have much chance to measure on a par

ty basis, the AK Party received the highest vote again for the second time in the March 31 elections and did not achieve the desired result. But this time, on June 23, the repeated election resulted in a very definite defeat, not a win.

Structural reform!

As far as we know, there is no election ahead for Turkey until October 2023. Four years is an extraordin­ary time to do what needs to be done. But the basic question is: can we do these, can we show the will to do them?

We also emphasized above, the ruling party will not enter the 2023 elections fast and furiously. The AK Party still is Turkey’s number one party, but an 800,000 vote difference in Istanbul is affecting the whole country, spreading in waves. Therein lies the problem. Moreover, the loss of the 2023 elections is almost to be deleted from the political scene. 2023 is not like June 23! Is it easy to be able to address such fundamenta­l reforms, especially structural reforms, before an election that is always concerned with “what if we lose?”

No more than a couple of measures

We have not been able to reconcile what structural reform is and what it should be. We think that a couple of economic measures will make reforms. Therefore, we cannot really bring about structural reforms.

If reform is a precaution­ary measure to correct a few flaws in the economy, there is nothing easier than this. We can take the decision today, put it into effect tomorrow, apply it seriously, etc. Even if we put aside the sine qua nons of structural reform, namely education, law, judiciary, equality, which we will anyway, we do not have a chance to take a significan­t step even in the economy. We will look to save the day again. Because we don’t have time.

Although there will be no election on the agenda for more than four years, it is for the time being. This is Turkey, we can see the things changing any time, or if somebody thinks that things changed, they may say “let’s not wait for 2023.” No government can put forward real structural reforms, even radical economic measures other than those aimed at saving the day while elections are there like Democles’ sword.

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