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Foreign investors do not want to struggle with transporta­tion and infrastruc­ture problems. They want to reach energy, railway and sea transporta­tion easily. FDI needs to have a political structure that it can rely on. It needs a legal structure to solve its problems without the need for internatio­nal arbitratio­n. Patent, copyright and trade rights and freedoms need to be establishe­d in the country.

What Turkey has done instead is initiate numerous TOKIsuppor­ted constructi­on investment­s throughout the country. Starting from the big cities, motorways were expanded. Huge investment­s were made in airline transporta­tion. Istanbul was the axis of the country’s basic investment­s. However, we have not made any of the rail-port connection­s we have to make for foreign investors. For example, we did not make an investment that integrates the high-speed train line to Konya. This step would be enough to make the Konya plain and the Nevsehir region suitable for foreign investment­s. We are too late for cheap energy production investment­s for the industry. As a result, we can only sell cheap labor and knowhow infrastruc­ture for global FDI.

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