A course of action for Turkish politics


As part of this democratic electoral struggle, the AK Party’s “dominant political party” status poses a problem not only for opposition parties but also for Western powers, who hope to reduce Turkey to a semi-colonial position. Opposing the political agendas of the Western colonial empire, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as a strong political leader in the internatio­nal arena, continues to trouble Western powers. James Franklin Jeffry, the United States’ special representa­tive for Syria, once remarked that Erdogan uprightly told us about our mistakes, while all other political leaders in the Middle East merely flattered the U.S. With the theme “The World is Bigger Than Five”, President Erdogan repeatedly underlined the ongoing injustice in the organizati­on of the United Nations Security Council while pointing out to the U.N. General Assembly how the U.N. mainly serves the interests of the U.S. Being well-integrated in the internatio­nal system and its historical heritage of state tradition, Turkey could both sustain its relations with internatio­nal players and pursue its own national interests. As Western powers target President Erdogan, our sense of belonging to our country strengthen­s. Opposing the interests of the Western colonial empire, such a strong internatio­nal leader would undoubtedl­y be declared the bad guy. Therefore, we must be aware of political leaders that Western powers support in our country.

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