We are liv­ing in a wild ne­olib­eral or­der in which public in­vest­ments are trans­formed into a tool for en­rich­ing par­ti­sans un­der the name of mega projects. Public money is trans­ferred to pri­vate com­pa­nies through guar­an­tees un­der the name of public-pri­vate co­op­er­a­tion and pri­vate sec­tor in­vest­ments pre­fer to build res­i­dences in­stead of cul­ti­vat­ing land and build­ing fac­to­ries. The state has been trans­formed into a com­pany and a cit­i­zens are the cus­tomer. The needs of the ‘fam­ily com­pany’ are pur­sued, not the coun­try’s needs. Par­ti­san­ship is pur­sued, not merit. Bos­sism in Turkey has an itchy palm. They are de­ter­mined to plun­der all the lega­cies of the coun­try for this cause. Public in­sti­tu­tions, the lega­cies of the repub­lic and the Trea­sury of the public was trans­ferred to the Wealth Fund, which is run by the fam­ily com­pany, and to par­ti­san com­pa­nies through pres­i­den­tial de­crees. Our fresh air, safe food, clean wa­ter are taken from us by the un­re­stricted am­bi­tion of the Bos­sist regime. The ba­sis of ev­ery­thing is the am­bi­tion for rent and per­sonal en­rich­ment, not an un­der­stand­ing that cares about life and so­ci­ety’s present and future. The Bos­sist regime’s pil­lars are the bru­tal ne­olib­eral or­der and uni­form po­lit­i­cal Is­lam. So the re­sult is clear, and echoed in the in­ter­na­tional ex­pe­ri­ence: A sin­gle man im­pov­er­ishes the regime, po­lar­izes it, leaves it un­em­ployed, makes life ex­pen­sive, bur­dens it with debt and brings it down. That’s what has hap­pened. Eco­nomic inequal­i­ties have in­creased. Through de­crees, peo­ple have been fired and strikes post­poned. Fam­ily and party af­fil­i­a­tions, those who openly at­tack anti-gov­ern­ment per­son­al­i­ties, have al­ways been the unspoken prin­ci­ple of ap­point­ments. Now they are openly the core prin­ci­ple…

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