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co­in­cides with the one pre­ferred by China. Turk­ish ex­porters also com­plain about volatil­ity in the ex­change rate, be­cause 66 per­cent of the ex­ports de­pend on im­ports in Turkey.

When for­eign trade vol­ume in­creases, our for­eign trade deficit is also sub­ject to a sim­i­lar in­crease. The only pe­riod that has bro­ken this gen­eral trend is be­tween March

2012 - March 2013. As Turkey’s trade sta­tus vis a vis the EU im­proved, be­cause of the EU’s debt cri­sis, the deficit de­clined in this pe­riod while the for­eign trade vol­ume in­creased.

In the pe­riod be­tween March 2018 and Au­gust 2019, ex­ports re­mained flat while im­ports de­creased rapidly. The de­cline in for­eign trade vol­ume in par­al­lel with the de­cline in im­ports con­tin­ued im­pacted our macro­eco­nomics in March 2018 and Au­gust 2019 pe­riod. In every pe­riod in which our for­eign trade vol­ume de­clined, our GDP also de­clined.

On the other hand, our share in in­ter­na­tional for­eign trade is de­creas­ing, but par­al­lel to this, our for­eign deficit is de­creas­ing, plac­ing a heavy bur­den on in­dus­try.

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