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CITGO launches biodegrad­able pack­ag­ing for its Mys­tik Lu­bri­cants

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CITGO Pe­tro­leum Cor­po­ra­tion, through its Mys­tik Lu­bri­cants, is launch­ing a new GoBox Sys­tem that pack­ages lu­bri­cants in biodegrad­able boxes, mak­ing oil de­liv­ery to equip­ment sim­pler and faster. Ad­di­tion­ally, its rack de­sign helps farm­ers or­ga­nize their lu­bri­cants and stor­age space in a more ef­fi­cient man­ner.

The GoBox Sys­tem will be in­tro­duced to the agri­cul­tural mar­ket with six Mys­tik prod­ucts: Mys­tik JT- 8 SHD 15W- 40,


Mys­tik JT- 8 SHD 15W- 50, Mys­tik JT- 5 Trac­tor Trans Hy­draulic Fluid, and the Mys­tik JT- 9 ™ LeakShield AW Hy­draulic

® ®

Flu­ids 32, 46 and 68. Th­ese prod­ucts will con­tinue to be avail­able in pails and drums, but GoBox will be of­fered as an al­ter­na­tive pack­ag­ing for the ben­e­fit of farm­ers who wish to take ad­van­tage of this easy- to- use, ef­fi­cient sys­tem.

“We are de­lighted to in­tro­duce the GoBox Sys­tem to farm­ers through our Mys­tik Lu­bri­cants brand, which has a long his­tory of pro­vid­ing mar­ket- rel­e­vant so­lu­tions to the agri­cul­tural sec­tor,” said CITGO Vice Pres­i­dent Sup­ply and Mar­ket­ing Karl Sch­midt. “Mys­tik GoBox pro­duces less land­fill waste than bot­tles and pails and comes in a fully- re­cy­clable car­ton. Farm­ers who switch to Mys­tik GoBox can ex­pect about 50% more stor­age space than they get from the equiv­a­lent six pails, op­ti­mal inventory, min­i­mal resid­ual oil, and less han­dling than pails or drums.”

Un­til 15 Au­gust 2020, cus­tomers who pur­chase any one of th­ese prod­ucts at par­tic­i­pat­ing re­tail lo­ca­tions will en­joy a spe­cial in­tro­duc­tory of­fer, where they get six gal­lons for the price of five, re­deemable at the point of pur­chase*. From 1 April 2020 to 1 Oc­to­ber 2020, cus­tomers who pur­chase six or more GoBox units will au­to­mat­i­cally get a GoBox rack* through the Mys­tik mail- in re­bate. This rack sits con­ve­niently on tool­boxes, coun­ters or other easy- to- reach places within a farmer's work­shop.

Mys­tik GoBox will be avail­able at Blain's, and Fleet and Farm lo­ca­tions.

“Farm­ers are very con­scious about what prod­uct and sys­tem they use in their daily op­er­a­tions and at CITGO, we are keenly aware of th­ese needs. The GoBox Sys­tem, of­fered with Mys­tik Lu­bri­cants, is de­signed for the en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious farmer, who also de­sires bet­ter inventory and stor­age man­age­ment. And with this pro­mo­tion, we en­sure farm­ers will get the best value from their lu­bri­cant in­vest­ment,” said Sch­midt.

Al­most the en­tire me­chan­ics com­mu­nity of the United Arab Emi­rates ( UAE) be­longs to the ex­pa­tri­ate com­mu­nity. They work hard to earn a liv­ing to sup­port their fam­i­lies in their home coun­tries and un­der stress­ful con­di­tions. Now they face an­other health threat – the novel coro­n­avirus ( COVID- 19) out­break. In re­sponse, Cas­trol Lu­bri­cants, in as­so­ci­a­tion with Cen­tral Trad­ing Com­pany, which is part of the Al Rosta­mani Group and Cas­trol's na­tional dis­trib­u­tor in the UAE, have launched a cam­paign called ‘ We Care For You', a cam­paign which tar­gets me­chan­ics and in­de­pen­dent work­shops across the UAE.

The pro­gramme in­volves the dis­tri­bu­tion of thou­sands of pouches that con­tain a full kit of dis­in­fec­tants, along with clear guid­ance to me­chan­ics on how to have clean, safe hands with well- il­lus­trated hand hy­giene and hy­giene in­struc­tions.

Dis­tri­bu­tion to me­chan­ics across the en­tire UAE is be­ing car­ried out by the Cen­tral Trad­ing Com­pany sales team and a fleet of 10 Cas­trol vans – and al­though the cam­paign pri­mar­ily tar­gets the me­chanic com­mu­nity, it also serves as a plat­form to make con­sumers aware of the vi­tal im­por­tance to keep their hands clean at all times, so a sup­ply of leaflets and posters that ex­plain the sig­nif­i­cance of the cam­paign is also be­ing sup­plied to in­de­pen­dent work­shop out­lets.

Cas­trol is also ed­u­cat­ing its front­line sales­men on ba­sic, but es­sen­tial health mea­sures. In this part of the cam­paign, the sales team takes the op­por­tu­nity to talk to me­chan­ics, ex­plain­ing the ben­e­fits of keep­ing their hands clean, safe and free from germs.

Cas­trol Lu­bri­cants has a long his­tory in the UAE and has been a global brand for more than 120 years. Well known for both mar­ket­ing and tech­nol­ogy lead­er­ship around the world, the brand has al­ways been to­tally com­mit­ted to pro­tect its work­force and cus­tomers.

Gazprom­neft- Lu­bri­cants, the op­er­a­tor of Gazprom Neft's oil busi­ness, boosted its sales of pre­mium lu­bri­cants in in­ter­na­tional mar­kets to 106 thou­sand tons in 2019, with an in­crease by 6.2% year- on- year. De­liv­er­ies of small­pack­aged G- En­ergy and Gazprom Neft branded pre­mium prod­ucts in­creased by 10,5% to 95,7 thou­sand tons.

The com­pany's ge­o­graphic cov­er­age of Gazprom Neft lu­bri­cants de­liv­ery has ex­panded to 86 coun­tries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South Amer­ica, pri­mar­ily due to the ac­tive de­vel­op­ment of the pre­mium prod­ucts dis­tri­bu­tion net­work in both the re­tail and in­dus­trial seg­ments. In 2019, the vol­ume of sales of G- En­ergy pre­mium oils via its own net­work of G- En­ergy Ser­vice sta­tions boosted by 61%, and the num­ber of ser­vice sta­tions in­creased to 210 ( up 40 sta­tions). The num­ber of reg­u­lar cus­tomers and part­ners of the ser­vice through­out Rus­sia and abroad reached half a mil­lion.

In Rus­sia, sales of pre­mium prod­ucts in­creased by 5.3%, ac­count­ing for 205 thou­sand tons. In 2019, the to­tal sales of Gazprom Neft mo­tor, trans­mis­sion and in­dus­trial oils in Rus­sia and abroad amounted to 708 thou­sand tons.

“Our busi­ness has no­tice­ably changed its lu­bri­cants port­fo­lio to­wards high- tech prod­ucts. We have been ob­serv­ing this trend for sev­eral years, but in 2019 it in­creased sig­nif­i­cantly. The past year has shown that our pre­mium de­vel­op­ments are val­ued not only in Rus­sia, where we ac­tively par­tic­i­pate in im­port sub­sti­tu­tion pro­grams, but also abroad. How­ever, the mod­ern con­sumer needs not just a high- qual­ity prod­uct - they need a pos­i­tive cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ence, first of all, to solve is­sues re­lated to car op­er­a­tion and equip­ment. Re­spond­ing to th­ese changes, we are de­vel­op­ing a sys­tem of en­gi­neer­ing ser­vices for both re­tail cus­tomers and busi­ness part­ners, and we see this as a growth zone in the highly com­pet­i­tive lu­bri­cants mar­ket”, - said Alexandr Truhan, Di­rec­tor Gen­eral of Gazprom­neft- Lu­bri­cants.

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