Lubricant World : 2020-03-01

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PANORAMA The "We will grow together with our business partners" Stating that they see the distributo­rs xa their partners, Petronas Turkey General Manager Mr. Burak Işıldak noted that they left behind a successful year with their 23 partners. “We have 23 business partners in Turkey, including 19 automotive and 4 industrial­s. We believe that with the good steps taken in 2019, we will provide our business partners with better opportunit­ies and grow in a healthier way together with our inventory-collection management and product diversific­ation. We have completed our sales network in the automotive group. We plan to grow with our existing distributo­rs and business partners, and we do not plan to add new business partners. Although, in industrial products, we have the idea of adding new business partners to our network. Petronas has a wide range of products in the industrial category in the global arena and we will adapt the products in this group to the Turkish market. In the industrial product group that requires special attention and team, we will continue with our business partners willing to provide this interest,” said Işıldak. LUBRICANT WORLD 20