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NYTEX BIO 6200 tyre oil achieves high ranking


Nynas bio- based tyre oil NYTEX BIO 6200 is currently ranked as one of most important sustainabi­lity projects by ® the European Rubber Journal. The European Rubber Journal ( ERJ) is a leading internatio­nal publicatio­n with a focus on the tyre and rubber industry. Since 2020, they have been inviting the industry to participat­e in a sustainabi­lity initiative – Elastomers for Sustainabi­lity ( E4S) – in order to highlight significan­t advances for end- user sectors when it comes to, for example, automotive components, industrial products and tyres, as well as consumer, medical and other GRGs.

From the 20 strongest candidates, an independen­t group of experts from the field of polymer science and technology, under the leadership of Professor James Busfield, assesses each project on the basis of factors including level of innovation, commercial potential and contributi­on to sustainabi­lity.

In the most recent ranking, Nynas' bio- based tyre oil NYTEX BIO 6200 was named the 2nd most important

® sustainabi­lity project happening in the elastomers/ rubber industry right now.

“NYTEX BIO 6200 not only contribute­s to higher sustainabi­lity in tyres but also offers the same high performanc­e

® the market has come to recognize and expect from Nynas convention­al as well as other well establishe­d tyre oils,” says Dr. Kamyar Alavi, Senior Specialist Nynas Naphthenic­s.

NYNAS NYTEX BIO 6200 tyre oil has been specially developed to provide tyre companies with a product that meets

® the high- performanc­e standards of all Nynas tyre and rubber oils, while supporting them in reaching their sustainabi­lity goals.

NYTEX BIO 6200 is the first oil produced by Nynas to incorporat­e renewable feedstock. Moreover, this new addition to the tyre and rubber product portfolio aims to create sustainabl­e value for customers and end users by reducing the rolling resistance of the tyre, an area where Nynas oils continue to deliver very strong results.

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