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13th edition of Istanbul Airshow

Istanbul Airshow opened up the unique opportunit­y to reach the Eurasian aviation and airport markets at its 13th edition.


Istanbul Airshow, which has been held at Istanbul Ataturk Airport since 1996, opened its doors for the 13th time between October 6-8, 2022. The event combined Internatio­nal Civil Aviation & Airports Exhibition and Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform, which brought together aviation profession­als from all over the world.

Turkey sets a perfect benchmark for the aviation and airport markets and thus, plays an important pioneering role for the both industries in Eurasia and the Middle East. Inspired by this essential role assumed by Turkey, AIREX and now Istanbul Airshow has been designed with a view to establish a business platform uniquely concentrat­ed in the civil aspects of the aviation industry, primarily; to serve, contribute to and meet the challenges offered by the Eurasian and the Middle Eastern markets.

Participan­ts had an opportunit­y to witness the very first flight of jet trainer & light attack aircraft HÜRJET and heavy attack & reconnaisa­nce helicopter ATAK II, developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries.

Besides the airshows the event was a great display area for aircrafts and business jets. A wide participat­ion from Airbus has been made, which presented innovative aviation solutions along with the display of the Airbus A220 aircraft and ACH130 helicopter. The agreement between the first low-cost airline of Oman SalamAir and Brazilian Embraer has been reached for 6 definite and 6 optional orders of Profit Hunter E195-E2 aircraft, which was also displayed at the show.

As Lubricants World magazine, we also participat­ed in this traditiona­l meeting of the aviation industry, where lubricant consumptio­n is quite intense. We had a pleasure of introducin­g our magazine to the industry profession­als and reaching out to new subscriber­s.

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