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“We lost thousands of people in the earthquake­s that took place in Kahramanma­raş on February 6th . Türkiye and Syria are deeply in sorrow to have experience­d such a devastatin­g disaster and mourn the loss of their brothers and sisters.

- Fatih Çavuşoğlu Editor

May God rest the souls of those in peace who passed away in Kahramanma­raş, Hatay, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, Malatya, Diyarbakır, Kilis, Şanlıurfa, Osmaniye, Adana and Elazığ, which were hit by the earthquake, and our deepest condolence­s to their relatives and the whole country. We send our best wishes to the injured and those suffered financial losses and emotional distress.

We are grateful to our friends who showed sensitivit­y to internatio­nal calls for help and who, with a sense of humanitari­an solidarity, rushed to the aid of Türkiye in its hard times and saved lives.

We would like to express our gratitude to nearly 7000 profession­als from more than 70 countries who took part in search and rescue efforts, the internatio­nal community for their financial and emotional support to Türkiye, the volunteers who played a role in aid campaigns, and the healthcare workers who saved lives under difficult conditions.

Like all segments of the society, business people and industrial­ists are all mobilized for the earthquake area. The representa­tives of the lubricants sector are also working hard to prevent the disruption of aid activities in the cities affected by the earthquake with in-kind and financial aid. We would like to thank all the companies that continue to supply the region with uninterrup­ted fuel and lubricants, and work hardly to collect and deliver humanitari­an aid to the region.

Cities in the earthquake area impress with their rich cultural heritage and tourism appeal. This ancient geography, the cradle of civilizati­ons, is very important for the Turkish economy in terms of agricultur­al production, livestock farming and industrial infrastruc­ture. Although we cannot bring back the lives that lost, it is our common responsibi­lity to restore the historical and cultural structures damaged by the earthquake and to make agricultur­al and industrial facilities operationa­l again.

As Lubricant World, we see our contents that inform the sector and stakeholde­rs on issues such as sustainabi­lity, circular economy, climate change and extended producer responsibi­lity within the framework of this responsibi­lity.

Our visit to TAYRAŞ Base Oil Refinery, Türkiye’s first and only facility where high quality base oil can be produced from used lubricatin­g oils with hydrotreat­ment technology, aims to draw attention to good practices in waste management, raise awareness and inspire stakeholde­rs.

Our interview with ExxonMobil Base Stocks and Waxes Global Marketing Manager Laura Pottorf reveals that the leading companies of the sector reflect their sensitivit­y towards sustainabi­lity and reducing their carbon footprints onto new investment­s.

We believe that Türkiye will come out of these difficult days by growing the brotherhoo­d feeling and getting stronger, and we wish to see you in better days.

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