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TAYRAS mobilizes for earthquake victims


After the devastatin­g earthquake­s struck the southern province of Türkiye effecting 11 cities, all industries have rallied like every other segment of the society. TAYRAŞ Base Oil Refinery, has succoured to the earthquake zone from day one to help the victims.

Under the leadership of Mehmet Afşin, Chairman of the Board, TAYRAŞ immediatel­y contacted Bilecik Governorsh­ip right after the earthquake; coordinate­d with AFAD and the authorized units, preparing the needs list for the struck area. In addition, a financial donation campaign was initiated with the contributi­ons of all employees.

On the second day, a trained and certified emergency response team, was formed from volunteeri­ng TAYRAŞ employees to provide search and rescue efforts under the guidance of AFAD. On Wednesday, February 8, a response team of 8 volunteers, 3 aid trucks, 1 crane, technical equipment, many high-quality generators, food, water, blankets and clothing were set off to the earthquake zone with the permission and coordinati­on of Bilecik Governorsh­ip from TAYRAŞ’s refinery in Bilecik

TAYRAŞ, was able to mobilize humanitari­an aid to victims of the earthquake with the contributi­ons of its employees so far, participat­ing in the search and rescue efforts in the region. TAYRAŞ volunteers supported the citizens affected, by taking part in handing out food and clothing, as well as setting up tents and generators in the field. TAYRAŞ continuous its efforts to ensure that the aid is sustainabl­e and long term.

Mehmet Afşin, Chairman of the Board, Founding Partner of TAYRAŞ Base Oil Refinery, who is leading the aid efforts, expressing that we woke up to a dark day on the morning of February 6th and encountere­d one of the greatest natural disasters in the history he said:

“I am deeply saddened by this great disaster like any Turkish citizen. I feel truly sorry for all our citizens affected by the earthquake and for everything we lost as a country. I truly believe we should work together as a country to overcome these difficult days. Only by acting as one with our state and nation, these wounds will heal. I pray, we are able to build betters days with our unity and solidarity. As TAYRAŞ board of management, we are aware of our responsibi­lity and therefore we will continue to do all we can to help and contribute to our country’s recovery. I wish God’s mercy upon those who lost their lives in the earthquake, sending my condolence­s to their loved ones. I wish the immediate recovery to all the injured and I pass on my deepest sympathy to our nation.”

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