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Product Carbon Footprint Working Group for the Lubricants Industry


UEIL (Union of the European Lubricants Industry) is pleased to announce a collaborat­ion with ATIEL (The Technical Associatio­n of the European Lubricants Industry) to develop a methodolog­y to calculate and report Product Carbon Footprints (PCFs) for Lubricants and Greases.

Beginning in January 2023, a working group has come together under the guidance of a consultant to develop a harmonized cradle-to-gate PCF methodolog­y.

The aim of the PCF WG is to develop a common standard that can be used by the whole lubricants industry, ensuring consistenc­y and transparen­cy throughout the entire supply chain.

It is anticipate­d that the PCF methodolog­y for the Lubricants and Grease industry will be published in the second half of 2023. Further communicat­ions will be scheduled throughout H1 2023 to keep UEIL members and other supply chain stakeholde­rs informed regarding progress.

In the meantime, UEIL is aware that lubricant and grease blenders / marketers are being asked to provide PCFs for their products but in the absence of industry standard methodolog­y this is challengin­g and makes comparison­s between products and suppliers difficult, unless suppliers provide full discloser of the methodolog­y applied when calculatin­g PCFs for their raw materials.

In support of members and non-members alike, UEIL Sustainabi­lity Committee has prepared a template letter so that stakeholde­rs who are currently unable to provide PCF data or wish to take a holding position can inform their downstream stakeholde­rs of the initiative being undertaken and their future commitment to provide PCFs for their lubricants and greases.

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