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You Can Listen to the Songs and Watch the Videos in Our Magazine…


You can listen to the songs and watch the videos mentioned in our magazine on your smartphone, tablet or computer.


If you have a QR CODE reader installed in your mobile phone, you can use it to read the “QR CODES” in our magazine to listen to the songs and watch the videos.

If a QR CODE applicatio­n is not installed, you can search for “QR Code Reader” in Google Play or IOS Appstore and install one of the QR CODE applicatio­ns to be listed.

We would like to inform you that the data usage related cost of the songs and videos you will play using a QR CODE applicatio­n belongs to you, and our magazine will not be responsibl­e for such data usage. This applicatio­n aims to enrich the informatio­n given in the magazine with audio and visual data, thus raise the reader’s awareness about the subject.

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