Makam Music

Dear Readers,

- With warmest regards, Mehmet Şerif Sağıroğlu

We are utterly happy to release the seventh issue of Makam Music Magazine.

In this issue, Edip Akbayram, a great artist, who cherished his fiftieth year in art, has been our guest. With his fifty years of knowledge acquired through life and art, he showed the courtesy of giving sincere answers to our questions.

Hopefully, you will also enjoy interviews with Selami Şahin, Erkan Oğur, Serap Mutlu Akbulut and many more music people.

In this issue, we are particular­ly happy and proud to announce an inspiratio­nal project that overcomes obstacles through music. You will be reading the valuable explanatio­ns by Hüseyin Aksoy, the Governor to Kocaeli, who has created and built up an exemplary project for the world.

Our bilingual magazine is 'one of the twenty-one magazines in the category of music magazines in English' made available around the globe via PressReade­r, a Canada-based & world's biggest digital magazine platform. The achievemen­t we have reached in making our music accessible on a global platform is surely a joy and source of price for all.

Come on in for Makam Music Magazine's free, independen­t, vivid and satisfacto­ry content.

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