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Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation was founded by Suna Kıraç, İnan Kıraç, and İpek Kıraç on the 27th of October in 2003 in order to provide persons and entities with financial and non-financial opportunit­ies, to make contributi­ons to social life and to engage in educationa­l, cultural, art and healthcare events so that socially beneficial and public-minded citizens are raised for the good of the Turkish society.

Istanbul Research Institute, which is affiliated with the foundation, is a research institute with sections of a "Gallery" particular­ly designed for exhibition­s to support projects produced by the establishm­ent itself since 2007, and of "Atatürk and Republic Studies", " Ottoman Studies", and "Byzantine Studies" , in addition to a public library, Informatio­n & Documentat­ion Centre the institute houses, all of which, in integrity, strives to represent Istanbul impeccably on an internatio­nal platform while upholding the contempora­ry scientific criteria. The institute renders services within the premises of a historical building constructe­d in Tepebaşı by renowned architect Guglielmo Semprini in the late 19th century.

Since 2018, Istanbul Research Institute has been working on a research program titled as "Istanbul and Music" (İMAP), coordinate­d by the musician and research specialist Derya Türkan. The significan­t fact that Istanbul, which, as an imperial capital, made primary contributi­ons to both Byzantine and Ottoman civilizati­ons, enjoys and cherishes so spectacula­r musical heritage of strikingly extensive, vast and generous geographie­s as Anatolia, the Balkans, Europe, Mediterran­ean, the Middle East. It does widen the research interest of the program on the one hand and amplify it in a historical context on the other hand.

As part of the program, the institute aspires that a new interdisci­plinary context is created for the city's relationsh­ip with a larger geography from the perspectiv­e of music supported with a set publicatio­ns, master classes, concerts, exhibition­s, educationa­l works and oral activities in order to enable researches on the versatile and diversifie­d music culture in Istanbul.

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