Makam Music

Refik Hakan Talu


He writes "An Essay on Tanbur Method" the year he completes his studies at the Turkish Music State Conservato­ry, followed by his master's degree program for which he presents two thesis studies on the "19th Century Ottoman Music". From

1984 to 1996, he gives lessons on tanbur as an academic member at the İTU Turkish Music State Conservato­ry. In 1987, he is employed by TRT Istanbul Radio as a tanbur artist. Afterwards, he works as an executive member of the Board of Supervisor­s for radio, and prepares talk shows. He prepares Turkish classic music and sufi music concerts, sufi whirling ceremonies at many different venues around the world including Sydney Opera House, Carnegy Hall, Town Hall, the Royal Palace of Brussels, the Metropolit­an Museum,

Taj Mahal, the Library of Alexandria, Cairo Mevlevi House as well as at internatio­nal festivals in the Athens, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Monte Carlo, and Jahane Khusrau. Apart from the concerts, he appears on talk shows at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, British Columbia universiti­es, and is invited to television shows on BBC, SBS, ABC, CNN, NBS, Euro News channels and to radio shows on Turkish music. He is dedicated to music. He spends a lifetime on introducin­g melodies of Istanbul, the city he was born, to the world.

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