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Miltiadis Pappas was born in Thessaloni­ki. He studied post-Byzantine and Western music at the Thessaloni­ki Conservato­ry. He is 19 when he completes his studies at the State Conservato­ry. His profound passion for music leads him to Istanbul where the heart of music beats. He begins to speak Turkish in a year. He is admitted to

İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservato­ry where he holds his bachelor's degree, master's degree and a doctoral degree. Having completed his ten-year studies in Istanbul, he returns to Thessaloni­ki. He gets married and has kids. Though he is physically in Thessaloni­ki, his heart and soul is in Istanbul. Despite twenty years of time, his love for the music of Istanbul never eases down. His passion leads him to Istanbul once again. As of January 2018, he has been holding office as an academic member at Musicology Department of İTÜ Turkish Music State Conservato­ry.

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