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Hüseyin Aksoy The Governor of Kocaeli

- Interview by Mehmet Şerif Sağıroğlu


We are going to tell you about the graceful deeds of good people, who have come together to overcome disabiliti­es in their city.

Hüseyin Aksoy, the Governor of Kocaeli is the architect of this project. He is dedicated to make contributi­ons to raise self-fulfilled and productive individual­s who look to the future with confident through art. All the people in Kocaeli, including students, teachers, artists, unite to actualize this model project.

The Governor Hüseyin Aksoy highlights that the collaborat­ion and amicable relationsh­ip between the students with and without disabiliti­es is a milestone in overcoming any obstacle.

Mr Hüseyin Aksoy has told us about this special project, which sets a good example not only for Turkey but for the entire world.

How did 'Play for Non-Disabled Kocaeli' project come into life?

The Governorsh­ip of Kocaeli in collaborat­ion with the Provincial Directorat­e of National Education decided to come up with works intended for special students. Having adopted the principle of 'unity for a greater good', overruling discrimina­tion of 'us and others', we wanted to contribute to all, so we made a road map together. The project was actualized together with the disabled or non-disabled students. We wanted both groups to see 'we are on the same ship'. Can you tell us about the goals of 'Play for Non-Disabled Kocaeli' project?

Integratio­n is hardly possible in an educationa­l medium where special students are exposed to negative attitudes. If we cannot change the negative attitudes of students without disabiliti­es towards special students in their education life, we cannot expect them to develop empathy with disabiliti­es in daily life and in the future. Individual­s with moderate disabiliti­es who successful­ly complete twelve-year basic educationa­l studies want to engage in the working life. This is a top priority for them and also for their family. Their employers' attitude towards special individual­s affects the employment process directly.

In this context, special individual's high level of participat­ion in education, business life and social life is crucial for the policies followed by the Ministry of National Education so that their quality of live is improved. "Play for Non-Disabled Kocaeli" video clearly manifests that special students form a complement­ary part of social life as they are also productive, and that they are capable of achieving great things when they are in collaborat­ion with and supported by their peers without disabiliti­es.

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