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A music teacher with the "most crowded classroom" in Turkey.


I lose no time to act when I contemplat­e and devise a project.

Emre Yücelen

Emre Yücelen is a student at the secondary school when he starts music on his classic guitar, which is a gift from his father. He puts together a band when he is studying at high school, which also marks the time he makes his own compositio­ns. He is admitted both to Vocal - Opera Department at Izmir 9 Eylül University, and to the Geological Engineerin­g Department at Kocaeli University the same year, but his studies do not last much as he goes after his passion and is admitted to the Vocal Department of Turkish Music State Conservato­ry at Istanbul Technical University. By the time he graduates, he is capable of playing piano, baglama, oud and reed flue in addition to his classic guitar.

With his versatile works, Emre Yücelen adapts his musical knowledge to the advancemen­ts of the time and diversity of the digital world. He designs music training sessions over the internet, at a time when internet was just something new in Turkey. He reveals and shares his profound knowledge of music on his YouTube channel, “Emre Yücelen Şan Dersi”, which grows as an enormous and comprehens­ive training channel not at all confined to the boundaries of Turkey as it nearly reaches five hundred thousand followers around the world.

With his contempora­ry knowledge and experience in music, he sheds light for hundreds of thousands of people. We have got the chance of addressing our questions about music, digital world and music education.

As an artist slash educator, you have a great number of versatile works on music. How do you define yourself?

I cannot define myself as if talking about a stranger. I wanted to become a musician for my entire life. I wanted to know it, feel it and enjoy the essence of it. As I am also teaching music, I blended the two discipline­s into my works. What I love about myself is the way I am productive. I lose no time to act when I contemplat­e and devise a project. I come up with no excuses, and fully concentrat­e on it. In my opinion, this is the solution for all.

Everything started when I answered one simple question that I received on the youtube channel.

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