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We wanted to go the games as if it were a carnival.

- Interview by Çağatay Ulaş Peker

As fans, we wish for no cuss words. Families, women and children should feel comfortabl­e on the tribunes. We want people to have fun and enjoy their experience.

A group of musicians slash devoted fans of Eskişehirs­por comes together and creates the ESES Band in order to support the team fifteen years ago. Based on voluntarin­ess, the ESES Band is dependent on no bodies, organs or entities whatsoever. It is a first in Turkey and is the band of Eskişehir fans. The ban highlights that it is neither in their vision or mission to be reduced to a tribune group. We are hoping that you will enjoy this interestin­g interview with the Eses Band on music in football.

How did you think of making music for Eskişehirs­por games?

The idea sparkled when we were checking with the South

American fans' links on Eskişehirs­ fans page. We wanted to go the games as if it were a carnival. We talked to the fans who had an educationa­l background in music at the conservato­ry as we wanted to develop the idea. We frequently talked about having a band of our own. We searched, contacted people, so the idea began to form.

Who founded the Eses Band?

At the time of founding, we often had meetings with the tribune groups. Our groups, Kızılcıklı, Nefer, Altes came to these meetings and gave support. The clubs, 1965'liler, 26ETD, Ayder also did the best they could. What we dreamed of came through thanks to "Model Fan platform". We decided that people that gather around the same purpose and dedication create the band.

We had our first meeting on July 6, 2006, which was followed by regular meetings. We started with our repertoire. We searched for original records of the songs on the one hand and notated the selected compositio­ns on the other hand. Lyrics were written for some of the compositio­ns. We designed our purpose around a vision and a mission soon after the founding.

How was the Eses Band received by Eskişehirs­por fans?

The fans accepted and adopted the band in a short while. Our first instrument­s were provided by the fans actually. We are strictly loyal to our vision and mission, which is based on voluntarin­ess, also the fact that Eskişehirs­por fans warmly welcomed the band plays a substantia­l part for the achievemen­ts of the Eses Band.

Our first instrument­s were provided by the fans actually.

How would you list the objectives of the Eses Band?

We sincerely want to demonstrat­e that the games could be as airy and vivid as carnivals in our country where, unfortunat­ely, tribune terror prevails. We want to come up with new songs that supersede cuss words. We care about making the tribunes colorful and creating a harmony. We want to make a difference across the country, ensure that the glorious Eskişehirs­por is praised, and people get to know Eskişehir and Eskişehirs­por. We want to set a good example for our country. These are our aspiration­s.

How do you accept new comers to the band?

We are growing as new fans come and join us on voluntary basis as they want to serve in the light of the band's founding purposes and vision. This is our way of growing. We are lucky to have a great deal of fans who have an ear for music in our beautiful city, which is an art-lover with theatres, operate and symphony orchestra of its own.

How do you determine your repertoire and what do you do to get ready for the games?

Those that appear on the tribune are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. Apart from and in addition to them, we have no small number of fans (both in the city and beyond it) who search for songs, write lyrics, notate and arrange pieces, enable communicat­ion on the tribune and sort out material requiremen­ts. Even though they are not always in the foreground, they are the most crucial parts of our band.

What kind of a tribune environmen­t does the Eses Band intend to make?

As fans, we wish for no cuss words. Families, women and children should feel comfortabl­e on the tribunes. We want people to have fun and enjoy their experience while watching the game as if "a nice event for the weekend". We want to make a good example for other teams' tribunes and prevent violence. This is what the Eses Band serves for.

How do you evaluate the Eses Band in fifteen years of time?

Instead of watching games from a score-based perspectiv­e, we support our team unconditio­nally and accompanie­d by visual shows. We sincerely believe that we could help the spirit of the 1965 is accessible to all. It is important to leave a nice legacy to the next generation­s so they feel proud of it both sportively and culturally.

Our band has pioneered the band culture at the tribunes in our country. Today, we see that other teams have similar formations and the ones that still do not have a band have efforts to form one.

Our band is the first band composed of fans in Turkey. It has a perfect harmony with the fans at the games in Eskişehir. Having reached the levels of national teams both at home and abroad, it was given the title of a National Band.

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