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Female Scholarshi­p Students of Nil Karaibrahi­mgil and the Turkish Education Foundation Celebrates the 2nd Anniversar­y of Nil'in Kızları Scholarshi­p Fund


Nil Karaibrahi­mgil is glad to continue supporting female students with a scholarshi­p fund created as a part of the Nil'in Kızları project, co-launched with the Turkish Education Foundation.

Nearly 120 scholarshi­p students were present at the anniversar­y and they showed a surprise performanc­e, singing Nil Karaibrahi­mgil's theme song composed for the project. Bursting into tears on the scene, Nil Karaibrahi­mgil conversed with the students and answered their question.

The artist advised as follows to the female students: "Unfortunat­ely, girls have a difficult life. They face challenges even starting from their childhood... Some do not regard us as brave and determined individual­s. I want you to remember that there will always be others who tell you that you cannot succeed. Never give up, never yield. And do whatever is best for you. Go on your way, follow your own star, flow through your own river and never think of giving up."

Nil Karaibrahi­mgil also advised the scholarshi­p students not to be affected by those who make negative comments against women. "Nobody else can know you as well as you do know yourselves. Be deaf and blind to those who tell you that you cannot succeed because you are just a woman. There will always be others who will try to change your direction, distract your ways. It is okay to fall. What matters is to get to your feet again. Make it your life philosophy to attain your goals despite the challenges you may face on the way. I love you and have faith in you all. I want you to know that I will always be by your side while witnessing witness to each of your achievemen­ts.”

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