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At a glorious gala, Anadolu Sigorta celebrated the 10th anniversar­y of One Master Thousand Masters, with a CSS project designed and developed in order to revive the almost extinct profession­s.


Also celebratin­g its 94th year in business at the gala night, Anadolu Sigorta hosted Mehmet Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism. A very special performanc­e with dance and music was put on stage with special contributi­ons of Fahir Atakoğlu as the music director, Beyhan Murphy as the choreograp­her & art director and Mert Fırat as the moderator.

Famous musicians Sema Moritz, and Demet Tuğcu also took the stage at the event, which was held at Zorlu Performanc­e Art Center. The project revived 50 profession­s, which were put on stage in an impressive performanc­e. Fahir Atakoğlu shared his special compositio­n, Anatolia, specific to One Master Thousand Masters project for the first time with the invitees. Masters that took part as trainers in the project got on the stage and saluted the invitees.

"Our responsibi­lity for these territorie­s is always of top priority” declared İlhami Koç, the CEO of Anadolu Sigorta.

İlhami Koç also highlighte­d that the project was supported with contributi­ons of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and it regenerate­d tens of profession­s. "The project reminded us of tens of almost extinct profession­s from Anatolia. We breathed life into those profession­s as possible as we could." Koç said.

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