Makam Music

As a multi-instrument­alist artist, we see that you are keen on lute and cumbush recently. Any specific reason for this?


I have noticed that the two rich instrument­s of our culture have been stuck in alehouse and fasil suites.

The lute, in particular, has been underdevel­oped and overshadow­ed by the oud. So, it could not gain favor as an instrument. That was what motivated me to work on it. I devised my own temperamen­t, combining the lute with flamenco, classical music, jazz, ethic music, and unearthing the instrument’s fineness. I composed a symphonic piece solely by using the lute and the cumbush just to give them back the credit they deserve. Harem’de Bir Gece is a significan­t piece that intends to reveal the well-hidden richness of these instrument­s.

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