Makam Music

You have establishe­d a training centre called “Taksim Masters” in Beyoğlu İstiklal Street in order to share your experience. What is this centre about?


It is a centre of education where two fellow educators English Teacher Betül Akgün and Musicologi­st, composer and an assistant professor Oğuzhan Uç set up to share their knowledge. Foreign language lessons, speech groups, diction, oratory, vocal education and instrument lessons, as well as harmony, maqam and theology lessons are offered at the centre. We also provide various master class studies at Taksim Masters. In addition, the instrument and vocal students we train there can continue to strengthen their education and prepare for profession­al life in Ocemut, Sazendeler or Documentar­y Alaturka communitie­s. We also have separate curricula for students who want to come here for hobby purposes or to do preparator­y work in conservato­ry.

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