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Hüseyin Fahrettin Dede 1854 - 1911


As previously mentioned, the two top Ottoman composers whose deaths were related to cholera are Hammamizâd­e İsmail Dede Efendi and Hüseyin Fahrettin Dede.

Dede Efendi registered himself in the liturgy list of Yenikapı Mawlawi Lodge (The Mevlevi Order was found by Veled, Jalaluddin

Rumi’s son in 13th century. The members of the order were conducting their liturgies in lodges. Yenikapı Mawlawi Lodge which was built in 1597, was the second mawlawi longe in Istanbul) as Derviş İsmail (Ismail the Dervish). His biography can easily be seen in various books, magazines, articles or dissertati­ons. My favourite one is the narration of Rauf Yekta Bey. He put down on paper some risales (small books in the form of a treatise on numerous topics) about the famous figures of the Turkish music. Nonetheles­s, in his lifetime he was able to publish only three of them, of Zekâi Dede, Abdülkadir Meragi and İsmail Dede with the title “Masters of music”. Pan Press published those three booklets in a modernised form of the Turkish language in October 2000.

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