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Dear Readers,


Dear readers, owing to the coronaviru­s outbreak we have been falling on hard times in these days. As humanity, we will overcome this obstacle by consciousl­y struggling. When it is all over, maybe we will raise the proper awareness for the old order of the history of mankind and our planet which is our home. And yet, we gratefully appreciate our doctors and all health care personnel who persevere for our well-being.

We are also grateful for our artists who have been feeding our souls with their music on the internet since we must stay at home in order to be protected from the spreading of virus.

Concert halls and entertainm­ent venues were the first places that have been shut down in order to prevent the outbreak of the coronaviru­s. During this difficult situation, we share our expectatio­n that Mr Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Ministry of Culture could interfere in the crisis to create financial sport programmes for the artists who were adversely affected from the outbreak having to delay their schedules.

As usual, the tenth issue of Makam Music Periodical is authentic and full of new material. The spring edition contains various articles from precious artists in which they share sequences from their glamorous careers...

See you in healthy days … With warmest regards, Mehmet Şerif Sağıroğlu

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