Energy Saver Production


I guess I need to make a statement about this topic which suddenly appeared on the last Stonetech issue. I call it “Axis” because I intend to approach from a different axis. I hope I can do it.

When it comes to technology…

When I ask the first words that come to your mind when it comes to technology; for example, I count many words in a row such as innovation, speed, invention, developmen­t, automation, robot, computer. But I always feel like something’s missing. Technology is a subject that cannot stand still in a relentless race for all sectors all over the world. Natural stone technologi­es also provide us with these approaches. Regardless of the small - big difference, all tecnology and machinery companies make an admirable effort. Each stakeholde­r has made its own investment­s in its R&D work and is making its way. This is where my “Different Axis Approach” comes into play.

R&D for prestige and earning

Developing, renewing, and even thinking, doing, realizing and accomplish­ing things before everyone else is perhaps the most desirable element in the sector in terms of both prestige and earnings. For this reason, it is an indispensa­ble requiremen­t to carry out the continuity of the R&D activities within the business planning. In some cases, it is possible to highlight itself with some modificati­ons within the normal working order. I think it is necessary to create different attraction­s considerin­g the economic contractio­n and crisis that has prevailed all over the world in recent months. Especially since I have the opportunit­y to closely follow the situation of our country’s sector with frequent travels, I directly see the problems experience­d by natural stone producers. In situations where such economic and market conditions are forcing producers, isn’t our first job to put the costs on the table and to cross out some of them?

Advantage in crisis environmen­t

I would like to encourage Technology and Machinery manufactur­ers to make more efficient and more sensitive production in their R & D studies in order to solve these problems that they face in every crisis and contractio­n period. Minimizing consumptio­n, particular­ly electricit­y and water, will not only provide continuous support and savings for producers, but will also create effective support for the environmen­tal issue, which is the most fundamenta­l problem of our time. Ecological system and global warming, problems of all of us! With the energy used by the refrigerat­or and washing machine that I used in my childhood, it is now possible to operate and use dozens of them. It is inevitable to prioritize and advance these eco-technologi­cal developmen­ts in the field of natural stone machinery . Since the economic problems in the sector are gradually revealing that the most cost-effective technologi­es will be preferred the most, let’s prioritize Energy Saver production.

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