The companies which has installed the first new multiwires KODIAK EVOLUTION by BM, further to the great performanc­e of the machine, especially the quality of the cut (processing under contract) and the affordabil­ity of the working cost, are now planning to increase the production capacity, installing the second BM multiwires machine KODIAK EVOLUTION with diamond wires of 5,3 mm.

The new multiwire BM model KODIAK EVOLUTION is installed in 4 columns, this exclusive detail guarantees the top stability and precision of the cut in the whole market, against the standard model with only 2 columns.

The KODIAK EVOLUTION installs also another important and exclusive solution patented by BM, the tensioning system made up by an hydraulic lever, the tensions is given wire by wire without any pretension­ing and it has the possibilit­y to extend the elongation of the diamond wire up to 30 cm.

An other important characteri­stic of the KODIAK EVOLUTION are the bigger diameters of the rollers and of the wheels of each diamond wire, this can guarantee the following advantages:

• Reduction of the inclinatio­n angles = increase life of the wire

• Reduction of cycles per minute = longer life of the bearings

• Bigger contact surface of the wire on the rubber profile = less consumptio­n of rubber profile

Each wire suffers the flexing action only on 3 points, without any dangerous grade.

The result is the best working condition for the wire, which upgrade its performanc­e and life.

So the cost of the cut per each square meter are reduced to the minimum.

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