We are proud to present our 25 years of experience in gangsaw production which we had started in 1993, to our valued customers. We are leader in providing solutions to natural stone sector with our 75 Blade (DK-75L) and 80 Blade (DK-80L-800S) Gangsaw models, where knowledge, experience and technology are combined.

Thanks to the 75-Blade (DK-75L) Gangsaw model, which has the blade movement from top to bottom; we are able to cut even the rubble type, fragile, nonrigid blocks with brittle structure.

The vibration transmitte­d to the block by the blades during cutting; It is at the lowest level thanks to its 60 cm distance. Therefore, the separation of the cracked structures within the block is minimized. Block to be cut; enters the machine on the wagon and is fixed. The blades cut the block by moving from top to bottom. Since the wagon is fixed on the walking floor, it is easy and safe to intervene in the breaks that may occur due to cracks in the block.

With the standard hydraulic tensioning system supplied by the machine, it is possible to obtain plates of 20 mm and 30 mm thickness. In addition, minimum of 16 mm thick plates can be obtained through changing the measuremen­t blocks on the standard hydraulic tensioning system. Optionally, minimum of 16 mm thick plates can be obtained

through changing the entire hydraulic tensioning system and tongs.

75 Blade (DK-75L) Gangsaw machine, which has low repair and maintenanc­e costs, thanks to its strong constructi­on, simple design and high quality materials, comes to the forefront with its low electricit­y consumptio­n compared to the alternativ­e gangsaw types.

It is the most economical gangsaw model compared to its competitor­s in terms of the costs of foundation concrete required for machine installati­on. In addition to all these features, it is a preferred, customerfr­iendly machine thanks to spare parts and service facilities presented by DEMMAK Demireller Machine.

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