The face of Breton in the race of Multi-wire, which is revolution of block cutting: PARAGON


Paragon is Breton’s new range of multi-wire machines that includes units with drum width of 600, 800, 1000, 1600, 2000, or 2100, making Paragon the new point of reference on the market. The technical innovation­s of the Paragon range from the geometry of the isosceles triangle wire layout to the identical diameter of all the wheels (1000mm) including the tensioning wheels operated by hydraulic cylinders - guarantee exceptiona­l feed rates, uniform tension of the wires with minimal wire fatigue and greater durability of the rubber profiles; all aspects that combine to ensure optimal sawing quality. Each guide wheel can approach the block and always assume a position in its immediate vicinity.

Sawing quality is unparallel­ed while sawing structure feed rates remain consistent­ly at the maximum possible levels. Thanks to a series of ladders and platforms, operators can perform wire changeover and reposition­ing operations rapidly and easily. Ease of use is assured also by the operator interface: a touch-screen colour display to program the machine and monitor the stages of the work process, also including a dedicated statistica­l section. There’s also a feature that allows Paragon to connect to the Breton service centre via Internet.

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