Patented Super S ST model of MKS makes a difference


Developed for marble and granite processing plants, the Super S model offers significan­t advantages for ST users. Developed by MKS R & D staff, the Super S model ST is intended to be a highperfor­mance, highly efficient and easy-touse machine for the user.

Both capacity increase and electricit­y saving! ..

The Super S is designed for cutting all natural stones, especially hard natural stones such as granite. Super S provides a 90% capacity increase compared to other machines with its superior performanc­e compared to other ST models, while saving electricit­y at 35%. MKS ‘patented block cutting machine offers significan­t advantages to users compared to its equivalent machines with its special design.

Two different diameter saws, two different speeds

The most important difference of the Super S model STs is that they can cut in two different diameters and at two different speeds. This unique feature of the Super S offers significan­t advantages in terms of performanc­e.

One of the biggest problems with the use of double saws was that the saws were rotating at the same speed because they were connected to a shaft. Thanks to the interlocke­d housing system, it is able to rotate at different rotations with the same environmen­tal speed my means of different belt diameters although it has different saw diameters. This feature provides a perfect cut in hard stones.

System that eliminates problems caused by different socket wear!

The second problem with the use of double saws was the precise adjustment between the two saws. In the Super S model, operators can be adjusted without the use of intermedia­te flanges and washers. In this way, the cutting distance of the material cut during cutting can be precisely adjusted and a clean cut can be achieved. Thanks to this system, problems caused by different socket wear are eliminated. As seen in the cross-sectional picture, the adjusting nut and its bolt are manufactur­ed to be unaffected by the water and sludge as they are encapsulat­ed.

Super S models are equipped with automatic lubricatio­n system. In addition, thanks to the oil preparatio­n unit, the oil temperatur­e and flow rate are kept constant throughout the operation and the performanc­e and life of the oil is increased.

It is very easy to use because the saw cycles are automatica­lly adjusted according to the natural stone you choose from the screen (marble, granite, etc.). Therefore, you can start using the machine immediatel­y according to the depth and thickness values you set without the need for belt pulley replacemen­t.

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