Light Arising from Denizli


As Stonetech Magazine, we are proud our country to be the biggest natural stone producer in the World. As the stakeholde­rs of Turkish Natural Stone sector we are in an intense effort to renew and improve ourselves. We are strict followers of sectoral and technologi­cal developmen­ts all over the world. We are excited to witness different success stories about new projects and developmen­t of Turkish natural stone companies.

Denizli is one of the cities that comes to mind when natural stone is considered. There are many success stories in Denizli. One of the rising values of the sector that Denizli has added to the sector is Denizli Işık Machinery. We interviewe­d Mr. Derya Işıkdemir, the General Manager and Founder of this company, about the history and activities of the company. Derya Işıkdemir says, “Denizli Işık Machinery is pleased to share its experience of more than 19 years and equipment with its valued customers.” Here is the story of company.

“Do one job and do it the best way”,

Denizli Işık Makine, which was establishe­d in 2000 as a small lathe workshop, was performing the revision and manufactur­ing of the deteriorat­ed parts of all marble machines. While continuing our services until 2013 in order to become an indispensa­ble element of the sector, we decided to offer our experience and knowledge to the service of the sector with a more corporate structure with the power given to us by the customer satisfacti­on and intense demands. With the motto “Do one job and do it the best way”, we started to become profession­al in the production of vital parts of gangsaw machines. We are hoping to have a good reputation with our top quality Works in the future as well.

“We always work for the better”

Since 2013, we have been struggling in order to make even better products. We have been exporting our products which we produce in our factory which has 1000 square meters closed area in Denizli Ahmet Nazif Zorlu Industrial the Turkish Republics, Iran, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Cairo, Casablanca regularly

Competitiv­e production concept

We are able to produce 100 sets of all the necessary parts of a gangsaw machine; As I mentioned before, we manufactur­e the basic vital pieces of a gangsaw machine, which cuts blocks into custom-size slabs. We have a competitiv­e production approach that puts the quality bar to the highest level in the production of very important parts such as hydraulic flat tensioning unit, pressure oil pump of hydraulic unit, flat tensioning hook, gauges which are placed between the blades as a measuring reference.

Intensive R & D and Innovation

Turkish natural stone and marble processing machines are developing every day in terms of technology, keeping up with all the progress of technology. They are able to meet the expectatio­ns of the sector easily and reduce the workload. In this context, we are working hard on R & D and innovation. In line with all these activities, we regularly carry out patent and registrati­on procedures regarding trademark and name rights.

Importance of promotion for increasing brand awareness

As Turkish manufactur­ers, we should give importance to branding. We must work hard to ensure the trust and recognitio­n of our brands. As Denizli

Işık Machinery, we are trying to do our part in this matter. In this context, in addition to fairs, events and sponsorshi­p activities, we carry out advertisin­g works in the leading channels and publicatio­ns of the sector. The support that our customers give us cannot be ignored and this has proved to us that customer satisfacti­on is the most effective way to promote it.

Goal in production is achieving excellence

As Işık Makine, we aim to bring our products, which we continue to manufactur­e to perfection, in the short term. We know that this effort will provide us with the quality, solid, reliable brand image in the world marble sector in the long term and we are working hard. We would like to thank Mr. Derya Işıkdemir and wish her light to last forever.

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