Now let’s take a look at the basic nature and role of SFN-06 in diamond tools


• It is superfine iron-nickel pre-alloyed powder with high physical and mechanical properties, fine and uniform structure;

• It can make the matrix have higher bonding strength and can substitute Co and Ni;

• It has good toughness, the effect is obvious for harder and more abrasive objects;

• The best sintering temperatur­e is 800 °C-830 °C. In this range, the combinatio­n of particles is better and the porosity is lower.

• Theoretica­l density is 8.12 g/cm³

As we can see from the below two pictures, Sagwell’s superfine pre-alloyed powder SFN-06 is comparable to pure cobalt powder in terms of hardness, bending strength and density, or even better in some aspects. So how is the performanc­e of SFN-06 in sintering?

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